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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offers Speed and Efficiency

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Allows QUODD to Move Faster


“Amazon Web Services (AWS) has allowed QUODD to move faster than ever, while driving operational efficiencies and reducing overall cost of doing business for our clients.”

– David Kirk, Chief Technology Officer, QUODD



The team at Converge led by Gregory Reisert, a Client Executive with extensive market data experience, identified and recommended Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud provider of choice due to the fact that AWS could address QUODD’s strategic goals around company growth, improved EBITDA, and innovation driven by modernization. This IT solution was aligned with QUODD’s future growth goals.

The key to successfully migrating QUODD’s current workload was support of multicast network streams along with an education and operational model that established a comfortable timeline for migration and use of AWS.


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