It’s critical to have your compliance and licensing done correctly as you can risk an audit at any point.  Exchanges have a two-year lookback period, and without a partner in place you could be erroneously reporting without even knowing it. Giant back bills have led to the demise of many promising fintech platforms.

Each exchange is very specific about what you need to provide them, and the controls that should be built into your products. There are different cost structures for distribution use cases. The exchange contracts present an entirely new set of compliance complexity that most companies aren’t equipped to handle.

QUODD’s Vendor of Record service can be your business lifeline, carefully explaining how to correctly report to each exchange. And every time you want to add data, we can share what you need to submit to the exchanges to get the correct approvals.


  • Minimize Risk: With our vendor of record service we ensure compliance with all major North American exchanges.


  • Save Time: Our team will handle the administrative process associated with exchange approvals and reporting so you can focus on revenue generating activities.


  • Save Money: Clients see an average of 25% total cost of ownership savings when working with QUODD.


For more information on how you can use QUODD’s Vendor of Record service please fill out the form below or call 866-537-5518 to speak with someone from our team.