Real-time Market Data & Vendor of Record Services

APEX and QUODD have partnered to combine digital custody and clearing with API-driven market data consolidated into one feed.

The result is better pricing, service, and experience that will get your business off the ground faster with scale to grow as your brand grows.

Data from all North American Exchanges

  • Indices
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds
  • Options
  • Equities & ETFs
  • Futures


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Fast and Easy Integration

Modern API using the latest technology that directly integrates into Apex Extend Platform.

One-Stop Shop

  • Trade and Quote Data
  • Delayed/Real Time/Snap
  • US Corporate Actions Data
  • Adjusted Historical Prices for
  • Charting
  • US Equity Fundamental Data

Transparent Pricing

Only pay for the data that you need.
We have a variety of packages to help you save money on your market data.


Our data solutions are custom built to our business and packages can grow as your business grows – from startup solutions to complex level-2 options.

White Glove Customer Service

Work with a partner who has 20+ years of experience to help you navigate the complex world of data & exchanges. We’ll guide you through each step of exchange certification.

Vendor of Record

Ensure compliance with all major exchanges & minimize your risk. QUODD will handle the administrative process associated with exchange approvals and reporting.

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