Collaboration will enable advisors to access real-time North American equities, options, and futures

QUODD Financial Information Services (“QUODD”), a business unit of Financeware, a NewSpring Holdings platform company, has announced a new strategic partnership with L.M. Kohn, a hybrid RIA, and Broker-Dealer with penetration in the Northeast, Midwest, and South. The partnership combines QUODD’s industry-leading market data workstation, Equity+, with LM Kohn’s 3 decades of experience in Wealth Management.

“Our decision to switch to QUODD’s market data workstation was simple” says Carl Hollister, President & COO. “Our advisors needed a tool with accurate and timely market data that they could rely on to access finger-tip intelligence to make better decisions for their clients. L.M. Kohn has been focused on upgrading and implementing technology tools that build great efficiencies into our advisors’ business operations and help them be more responsive to the ever-changing landscape in managing and acquiring clients.”

“We are proud to provide the digital experience for a Hybrid RIA, Broker-Dealer who shares our mission to leverage financial technology for cost savings and operational efficiencies in the Wealth Management space,” says Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD and Financeware. “Equity+ is a market data workstation that allows our partners to realize savings and grow their bottom lines while providing a robust solution. Furthermore, we will continue to expand the content and functionality with new releases this year that are specifically focused on the wealth advisor.”

via PR Newswire