While fees have decreased, the cost of financial market data has risen. This is a troubling disconnect that constrains your competitive edge. The legacy model of data delivery requires subscribing to comprehensive sets of data, regardless of the securities of interest. In contrast, innovative technology is quickly changing how the world operates, offering opportunities for more tailored options. Financial market data delivery is one area ripe for a higher-service, price-flexible alternative.

New technologies democratize financial market data delivery

Building on what were once-new technologies, the largest data feed players have grown to dominate. Theirs is now a one-size-fits-all approach—and with it, they command market share, generating massive revenue streams. Their plans don’t typically differentiate between sprawling financial enterprises or RIA boutiques: recipients get the same package, give or take. And while technological advancements have made it easier to collect, capture, store, and deliver data, the pervading business model continues to restrain both flexibility and affordability.

In contrast, newer data delivery providers are not tied to a traditional platform. Because there are no legacy concerns to work around, these next-generation cloud-based offerings can harness innovative technology—and offer welcomed nimbleness and affordability.

Doesn’t it serve you better to have an extensive library of global market data to pick and choose from? Rather than having another entity set format, wouldn’t it be ideal to have your data customized for the way you’ll actually use it? With a flexible model, your data partner can provide a competitive advantage, enabling you to use the money saved to enhance client servicing, marketing, analytics, and growth initiatives.

The future of financial market data

Here at QUODD, we see a new future: one that’s driven by value, not the dictates of others. One that puts end-users in control of the financial market data they receive and how it is delivered. And one in which when you ask a question, there’s a QUODD in-house specialist on the other end to help—just the way you service your best clients.

To ensure we service your market data needs these are the 3 solutions that we offer:

  • The Equity+ Securities Workstation for RIAs, equity dealers, investment advisory firms and traders. Customize your dashboard to view market quotes, charts, news, and fundamental data from any device. Provide the customer service your clients want and make more informed investment decisions. And when you need support, QUODD’s team is readily available.
  • Real-time data for financial institutions and fintech service providers and developers. Ultra fast data feeds from all North Americas securities exchanges. Use QUODD APIs to fuel your applications.
  • End-of-day data to support financial institution mid- and back-office operations. Global, customizable, affordable—start your trading day with information on pricing/evaluations, dividends, corporate actions, and reference data terms and conditions on equities, options, mutual funds, ETPs, international funds, and fixed income.

More flexibility. Greater customization. Better service. These factors are what help you compete. Let QUODD show you how we can fuel your business with affordable, comprehensive financial market data.