Gold standard in the wealth management servicing industry for directly sourced mutual fund information that institutions trust to power their back-office operations. 

Content is integrated within Universe+ and available via secure daily files or the cloud on Amazon Data Exchange.

QUODD Funds delivers.

Utilized by dozens of the largest financial institutions in the retirement, record keeping, custodial, and bank trust segments as one the primary sources of fund information.


Trusted Data via an Institution’s Custom Security Master

OR The total universe to power the most reliable, accurate, and timely source in the industry.

  • AUDITED NET ASSET VALUES (NAV): True end-of-day audited prices, as reported by the fund company and verified by our rigorous processes
  • INCOME ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dividends and capital gain rates are delivered on ex-date. All relevant dates are reported, including record date, payable date, ex-dividend date, and reinvest date
  • PROACTIVE CORPORATE ACTIONS FEED: Comprehensive and timely corporate actions data with advanced notification of events prior to the effective date, including fund mergers, liquidations, name changes, and symbol changes.
  • BOND FUND/MONEY MARKET INTEREST RATES: Daily interest rates (income factors/Mil Rates) are reported for daily accrual investments such as Bond Funds and Money Markets. Rates are reported on the same day the fund company makes them available in a consolidated fashion for ease of integration

Trusted for decades.

QUODD Funds has for decades served as the comprehensive source of audited data that simplifies research, minimizes processing errors, and accelerates the posting of income.

1,000 Fund Families

Via a proprietary self-sourced collection and validation process

30,000 Funds

Mutual Funds, Unit Investment, and Collectives

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