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Market Data has its “cord cutting” moment

Market Data has its “cord cutting” moment

As featured in Traders Magazine By Bob Ward, CEO, QUODD The term “cord cutter” gained momentum in 2010 as streaming services began to pose a formidable threat to the legacy cable industry. As that trend has played out over the last decade, it’s clear consumers now...

Sneak Preview Equity+ Digital Innovation

Last week we showcased the latest of QUODD’s digital innovation within the Equity+ securities workstation. We highlighted new functionality coming this year that will be made available to existing users as an optional premium entitlement or packaged in a streamlined...

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offers Speed and Efficiency

  "Amazon Web Services (AWS) has allowed QUODD to move faster than ever, while driving operational efficiencies and reducing overall cost of doing business for our clients." - David Kirk, Chief Technology Officer, QUODD   Amazon's Full Case Study   The...

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