Technology innovation attributed to growth in customers seeking frictionless programmatic access to streaming and snap data for broad set of asset classes. 

“With technology costs rising and margins shrinking throughout the financial services industry, we’re seeing incredible demand from institutions of all types for reliable, high-quality, on demand market data that can be customized to meet that particular firm’s workflows across multiple functional areas.” – Bob Ward, CEO, QUODD

Highlights of QUODD’s performance, as of the end of the first quarter 2022, include:

  • 133 new clients added in past 15 months
  • New sales annual contract value grew by 53% year-over-year in 2021
  • From a product perspective, the comprehensiveness of content across all asset classes has expanded from less than 100 data elements to over 500 data elements across pricing, reference data, corporate actions, history, performance, and calendars.

QUODD attributes this growth in large part due to its continued investments in technology and innovation to further elevate and improve its market data platforms and data feeds. Because of these innovations, the company will be rolling out a new, modern vision of its major products and services in the coming weeks.