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QUODD Charges Into the Future with Revamped Product Suite

Bob Ward, CEO of QUODD

One of the main areas QUODD has focused on in the past few years is addressing how
firms can better serve their middle-and-back office employees with access to vital
market data. Those workers don’t always need (or want) the bells and whistles that
come with the offerings from legacy providers. But what they do need and want is
modern tools that can keep up with today’s demands. The industry trend has swayed
towards data-on-demand that involves customized delivery models that are coupled
with a user-specific experience that works better with the workflow needs of middle-and-back office employees, who are often either fully or partially remote and need
immediate fingertip access.

“We’ve revamped our market data platform and API marketplace, enabling a democratized data consumption ecosystem.”

To help us better address this trend, QUODD earlier this year acquired Xignite, a
leading global provider of financial market data APIs. The move combined two dynamic,
technology-led organizations that we believe enhance QUODD’s offerings, scale, and
momentum, creating a preeminent market data solutions provider. Now that the two
companies are acting as one, we’re building on that initial acquisition energy and
continuing to evolve to meet the challenges of our clients. QUODD today is ready to
move forward and start challenging the market incumbents that have been unable to
quickly make technology improvements the industry deserves to see.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that we’ve revamped our market data platform and
API marketplace, enabling a democratized data consumption ecosystem for the
industry. At the heart of this rollout is what we’ve called QX Technology, which
combines the power of QUODD’s and Xignite’s technology expertise to create the next
generation of cloud-based infrastructure and tooling for the automation, control, and
consumption of all types of financial market data information.

QX Technology powers our two primary offerings: QX Digital Platform and QX Data.
QX Digital Platform is QUODD’s flagship institution-facing market data platform,
connecting workflows from back to front office with mission-critical functionality and
content entitlements. QX Digital Platform’s modules include QX Query, which enables
bulk data download functionality and programmatic access to on demand global pricing
and reference data that can feed into proprietary and/or third-party applications, and
QX Control, which has the capability to dramatically reduce fees for paying for multiple
data items across teams.

Powered by QX Technology, QX Data represents the programmatic access to QUODD’s
comprehensive content catalog. Our customers can build or supplement their own
applications for trading, risk, research, and analytics to devices or to servers. We are
proud to be able to service customers ranging from complex enterprises in need of an

institutional-grade low-latency streaming infrastructure on the full market to advanced
tech buyers in our QX Marketplace, seeking self-directed capabilities from the largest
cloud-based, integrated suite of market data APIs in the industry.

Our revamped product suite illustrates how we’re continuing to democratize market
data and address challenges with current market dynamics in the marketplace.
QX Digital Platform and QX Data are only the beginning for us. This latest evolution of
QUODD launches us toward our vision of powering a democratized data consumption
ecosystem and becoming the most trusted global financial market data and content

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