QUODD Fuel is powered by our game-changing technology process that ingests, normalizes, and productizes any market data content for consumption with the lowest amount of friction.

Our customers consume what they want and when they need it in the delivery mechanism of their choice.


Fast moving data in Real Time Data Feeds and slower moving data in our Universal Data Service (Global Pricing & Reference Data) utilizes a singular logical data model designed to transform the consumption of comprehensive market data content

Real Time Data Feeds

Programmatic access to streaming and snap data for broad set of asset classes on all major North American exchanges.

Powering applications for trading, risk, research & analytics to device or to servers.

Flexibility to stream the entire market or customized subset of securities without requiring to co-locate or cross-connect.


Global Pricing & Reference Data

Intra-day and End-of-Day data delivery with coverage on all global asset classes.  This new industry standard is the Universal Data Service.

Leapfrog the legacy market data providers that are handcuffed with inflexible file formats and rigid data dictionaries.

Seamless onboarding and turnaround of timely information on Universe-based or client-specific Securities of Interest files.


Industry standard for reliable data delivery of directly-sourced,  Audited NAVs, Income announcements, accrual rates, corporate actions and more.

Covering 30,000+ mutual funds, UITs, and CITs across over 1000 fund families delivered via  daily files or Universe+

Utilized by the largest players in the retirement, record keeping, custodial, and bank trusts as the trusted standard of accuracy.