QX Digital Platform



The Back & Middle Office modules of the QX Digital Platform power financial institutions with the operating efficiency and controls to most effectively support data management and client servicing needs across multiple business lines, teams, and workflows.

QX Digital Platform delivers.

Finger-tip access to the highest quality, reliable, and cost-effective global security pricing, reference data, corporate actions, and analytics across all asset classes, integrating best-of-breed content providers for funds, equities, fixed income, indices, currencies, and news.

Bulk data download functionality and programmatic access to on demand global pricing and reference data that can feed into proprietary and/or third-party applications.

Currently utilized by the industry’s leading banks, trusts, retirement, and their supporting technology platforms as a primary or secondary source to manage price validations, monitor ongoing price fluctuations, initiate price challenges, and pull data on demand,  our modules connect the workflows across functional teams and business lines to automate work that previously took hours to complete down to seconds.

QX Look Up Module

QX Lookup powers ad hoc security lookups for pricing and corporate actions and reference data covering domestic and international equities, funds, and fixed income instruments.

For Fixed Income: End-of-Day Evaluated Prices

  • For Fixed Income: End-of-Day Evaluated Prices
  • Issuer Details
  • Reference Data
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Schedules, Ratings
  • Variable Rates
  • Redemptions
  • Amortization Schedules
  • Accrual Calculators 
  • Paydown Factors
  • And more …

For Global Equities

  • GICS and SIC Sector and Industry Classifications
  • Dividends
  • Splits
  • Mandatory and Voluntary Corporate Actions 
  • News (to help verify those corporate actions or price tolerance bread)

Domestic Funds, ETFs and Global Offshore Funds

  • End of day audited NAVs collected directly from fund companies
  • Daily accrual rates (MILS) 
  • Distributions and other types such as LT/ST Capital Gains. 
  • Full descriptive data and characteristics such as allocations and performance

QX Query Module

QX Query enables custom queries to save as templates to match operational workflows for Bulk downloads of adjusted and unadjusted pricing, reference data, and descriptive information on all global securities via multiple delivery methods.  

Designed to run user-defined Securities of Interest (SOI) reports for timely and consistent pricing for all asset types, users can tailor their specific workflows with instantaneous responses that automate QUODD’s independent sources of pricing data.

On demand access via QX Query allows users to upload a whole list of identifiers and pull the selected fields into a report format (CSV, PIPE, or JSON).  Users optimize workflows with saved templates and scheduled reporting.

Query Connect API

Automated API functionality that provides programmatic access to global pricing and reference data with seamless integrations into proprietary and/or third-party applications.

  • One-stop shop for multiple data sets
  • Entire content library to pull down in bulk 
  • Connect and integrate workflows with enterprise-grade processes 
  • Entitlements to track usage by institution and their end customers
  • One easy to use API with simple setup and customization 
  • Scheduling of jobs with On demand request response for intra-day needs
  • New Security set up: Automation of Asset set up for security master maintenance

Additional Components for Back & Middle Office Workflows


S & P Price Viewer

Market data analytics to bond, credit, loans, FX, Rates, securitized, and other fixed income asset classes with screener and watch list functionality. Includes access to price challenge functionality.

This is a premium entitlement allowing access to timely information to better understand the market data inputs that go into the creation of an evaluation.

For institutions utilizing QUODD as a primary source for pricing or reference data, the price challenge functionality provides transparency (market color, other inputs) defending the rationale for the evaluated price.


Corporate Actions

Comprehensive access to global corporate actions and dividend content across dozens of data elements available on an ad hoc lookup basis, on-demand bulk queries, or programmatic access.

QUODD Funds Portal

Integrated module for security master and maintenance for the most Comprehensive, accurate, best-of-breed global fund data including distribution announcements, ex-date calendars, MIL rates, audited NAVs and corporate actions. Clients have the option to receive data on the full Funds universe, or only for those funds held in their Asset Master.


TIPS Information

Market data analytics to bond, credit, loans, FX, Rates, securitized, and other fixed income asset classes with screener and watch list functionality.

Servicing Key Stakeholders within the Back and 
Front Office of Institutions and their Service Providers

Fund Administrator
Security Master
Mutual Funds

Fund Accounting
Risk & Compliance

Reference Data

Trade Operations
Corporate Actions
Income Processing
Client Services

Use Cases of Connected Workflows from our customers

  • Daily Security Master Maintenance
  • Daily Price Verification & Tolerance Checks
  • Asset Set Up & Onboarding Processing
  • Corporate Actions
  • Cash Flows & Analytics
  • Daily Fund Accruals
  • Price Challenges
  • Variable Rates

Ready To Get Started?

Financial Institutions are getting to a point because data is a superpower. Data is going to be what really differentiates firms going forward. The ability to really manage data in an efficient and intelligent way, and optimize it. It’s going to be critical going forward.

Jean Sullivan

Head of Wealth Management, Celent