Market Data.

On Demand.

End of Day Pricing and Reference Data

Automates the Intra-day and End-of-Day data delivery of the industry’s best-of-breed content sources for security pricing, reference data, corporate actions, currencies, indexes, and analytics across all asset classes. 


Query Connect API

Automated API functionality that provides programmatic access to global pricing and reference data with seamless integrations into proprietary and/or third-party applications.

Industry Leading Service

Reliable, high touch client support that meets the needs of today and tomorrow.

Comprehensive and Timely

Global coverage on millions of securities across all asset classes.

Superior Commercial Frameworks

Lowest total cost of ownership, predictability, transparency and cushions for growth.

Control of Format

Transition and onboarding process empowers institutions to consume data in desired file structures across business lines with ease and flexibility.

Control of Content

Flexibility to source data on a per client/investor, per security master/security of interest file, or all universe per asset class.

Solution Deployed

  • Full vendor interface emulation
  • Complete entitlements controls
  • Advanced analytics and insight
  • Easy allocation and  reconciliation
  • Excel and API access via open APIs
Financial Institutions are getting to a point because data is a superpower. Data is going to be what really differentiates firms going forward, especially in financial institutions. The ability to really manage data in an efficient and intelligent way, and optimize it. It’s going to be critical going forward.
Jean Sullivan

Head of Wealth Management, Celent