QX Digital Platform


Global Pricing & Reference Data

Automates the Intra-day and End-of-Day data delivery of the industry’s best-of-breed content sources for security pricing, reference data, corporate actions, currencies, indexes, and analytics across all asset classes. 

Global coverage on millions of securities across all asset classes.

Lowest total cost of ownership, predictability, transparency and cushions for growth. 



Gold standard in the wealth management servicing industry for directly sourced mutual fund information that institutions trust to power their back-office operations.

Integrated module for security master and maintenance for the most Comprehensive, accurate, best-of-breed global fund data.

Clients have the option to receive data on the full Funds universe, or only for those funds held in their Asset Master.

Additional Proprietary Content

QUODD collects, curates, or calculates many unique high value data sets and analytics.

  • Global Adjusted Equity
  • ETF Historical Prices
  • ETF Intraday Bars
  • Global Historical Hourly FX Fixings
  • US Historical Option Greeks
  • Global Official Bank Rates