Market Data.

On Demand.

Other Proprietary Content

 QUODD collects, curates, or calculates many unique high value data sets and analytics. 

Global Adjusted Equity / ETF Historical Prices
25+ year history
Adjustment as of any point in time
Global Adjusted Equity/ETF Intraday Bars
2+ years history
Global Historical Hourly FX Fixings
24-hour fixings
Any currency pair supported
US Historical Option Greeks
Delta, Gamma, Vega, Rho, Implied Volatility
Global Official Bank Rates
60+ countries supported

Solution Deployed

  • Full vendor interface emulation
  • Complete entitlements controls
  • Advanced analytics and insight
  • Easy allocation and  reconciliation
  • Excel and API access via open APIs
Financial Institutions are getting to a point because data is a superpower. Data is going to be what really differentiates firms going forward, especially in financial institutions. The ability to really manage data in an efficient and intelligent way, and optimize it. It’s going to be critical going forward.
Jean Sullivan

Head of Wealth Management, Celent