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Real-Time Data


Unrivaled data quality.

  • Programmatic access to streaming and snap data for broad set of asset classes on all major North American exchanges
  • Powering applications for trading, risk, research & analytics to device or to servers
  • Flexibility to stream the entire market or customized subset of securities without requiring to co-locate or cross-connect

Powering your App

 Delivering trading, risk, research and analytics direct to device or servers.

Programmatic Access

to streaming and snap data for broad set of asset classes on all North American exchanges


Stream the entire market or customize a subset of securities without being required to co-locate or cross-connect.

Data sources

Universe+ helps you understand and validate price variations and exceptions as part of your daily workflow process. You’ll have access to global data on demand, including current and historical pricing and reference data and a comprehensive suite of timely and accurate corporate actions and dividends data.

Additionally, you have access to fixed income evaluation transparency to meet compliance requirements and includes predefined and custom templates for data retrieval.

Reliable, one-stop provider of real-time market data.

Our technology-first approach offers easy-to-customize, flexible solutions designed to adapt to your needs. Exceptional quality, reliability and customer service are standout differentiators when looking at larger competitors. When a client is using Universe+ searching for a company, they are getting a global industry classification standard.  

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