Real Time Data

Users gain programmatic access to streaming and snap data for broad set of asset classes by consuming the QUODD API.

Scalable, fast growing, high margin, disruptive products are being built powered by our proprietary technology process.  Including our own solutions for example.

Real Time Data Delivers.

The stability, security, and flexibility from our modern technology process with low latency to device or server.

The QUODD API enables the ingestion of real time data from our content catalogue via multiple flexible delivery mechanisms.  Hundreds of institutions across multiple segments trust the QUODD API to meet their needs.


Automated Onboarding and Administrative Services

Exchange compliance and user management reporting to mitigate risks, including Vendor of Record as required.

Cloud-based with AWS

empowers customers with operational efficiencies and lower costs with enhanced security, stability, and resilience.


Flexibility to Stream Entire Market or User Defined

Powering content-to-device or to-servers without requiring cross-connects or co-locations.

Our clients consume Real Time Data solutions to accomplish a variety of business objectives.

Portfolio valuations and risk management

Fueling order management systems

Portfolio, Analytics & Research

Building or improving trading applications

Please contact us to gain access to our Developer Portal to test drive the content of your choice.  All powered by the QUODD API.