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Tier 1 Retirement and Insurance: Audited NAVs, Corporate Actions and more

Client Journey

A tier 1 retirement and insurance financial institution with a longstanding relationship with QUODD (10+ years), has consumed QUODD
Funds’ audited NAVs, corporate actions, accrual rates, and dividends for their entire security master of funds. This client journey is a testimonial to the benefits of sourcing QUODD content and functionality across all global asset classes as well.

Recently this institution was going through a major merger and looking for a market data vendor that could help solve some key
operational efficiency and reliability issues across multiple installed third-party and proprietary accounting systems.
For the primary reasons highlighted below, QUODD is pleased to announce that this financial institution has adopted its Universal
Data Service and its Universe+ portal.


The Approach

As with any major transition, consistent communication is paramount. QUODD assigned a project manager to create a transition plan
with the client detailing out the major milestones.

These milestones included:
1. Coverage analysis to ensure complete and improved coverage.
2. Bond pricing analysis to ensure the pricing was understood and within the portfolio tolerances.
3. System integration and testing.
4. End user training on the digital tools.
5. Day in the life with QUODD’s customer service team.
6. Weekly meetings with senior management on both teams to ensure success.
7. Post conversion support and bi-weekly meetings with our account management team to ensure continued satisfaction.


Value Propositions

1. Reduce market data cost by leveraging a market data aggregation system across the enterprise (Retirement – Trust – Retail), covering a wide array of security types and delivery models.

2. Work with a responsive customer service team that could help project manage and
collaboratively address multiple client workflows and engage on a multi-year transition plan.

3. Leverage an enhanced fixed income price challenge process to help with timely
responses for the Providers’ functional teams as well the
end customers.

“One nice thing about QUODD is that they will correct a price if it is out of line with the rest of the market … “

4. Partner with a technology vendor that could provide tools and services to help with pricing and reference data research and validation with look-ups and bulk downloads that are leverageable across multiple teams and business lines.

5. Modernize, customize and scale delivery models in order to adjust to expectations of back and middle office work flows as data consumption patterns evolve in a flexible work location environment.

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