Market Data.

On Demand.

QX Digital is the modern market data portal empowering financial institutions with the operating efficiency and controls to most effectively support data management and client servicing needs across multiple business lines, teams, and workflows.

QX Digital Platform delivers.

Connecting the workflows between the back to front office, QX Digital provides finger-tip access to the highest quality, reliable, and cost-effective global security pricing, reference data, corporate actions and analytics across all asset classes, integrating best-of-breed content providers for funds, equities, fixed income, indices, currencies, and news.

Currently utilized by the industry’s leading banks, trusts, retirement, and their supporting technology platforms as a primary or secondary source to manage price validations, monitor ongoing price fluctuations, initiate price challenges, and pull data on demand,  QX Digital connects the workflows across functional teams and business lines to automate work that previously took hours to complete down to seconds.


S & P Price Viewer

Market data analytics to bond, credit, loans, FX, Rates, securitized, and other fixed income asset classes with screener and watch list functionality. Includes access to price challenge functionality for Universal Data Service customers.

QX Lookup

Powering ad hoc security lookups for pricing and corporate actions and reference data covering domestic and international equities, funds and fixed income instruments.

QX Query

Build custom queries to save as templates to match operational workflows. Bulk downloads of adjusted and unadjusted pricing, reference data, and descriptive information on all global securities via multiple delivery methods.

Understand and Validate.

QX Digital Platform helps you understand and validate price variations and exceptions as part of your daily workflow process. You’ll have access to global data on demand, including current and historical pricing and reference data, corporate actions, dividends data and more using predefined and custom templates for data retrieval.

For Universal Data Service customers, users access a robust price challenge module for timely and accurate transparency to the market color supporting rationale for the evaluated price.

Servicing Key Stakeholders within the Back, Middle, and Front Office of Institutions and their Service Providers

Fund Administrator
Security Master
Mutual Funds
Fund Accounting
Risk & Compliance
Reference Data
Trade Operations
Corporate Actions
Income Processing
Client Services

Use Cases of Connected Workflows from our customers

  • Daily Security Master Maintenance
  • Daily Price Verification & Tolerance Checks
  • Asset Set Up & Onboarding Processing
  • Corporate Actions
  • Cash Flows & Analytics
  • Daily Fund Accruals
  • Price Challenges
  • Variable Rates